For more about the SEAPLEX Expedition, go here.

For more about Scripps Institution of Oceanography, go here.

For more about Project Kaisei, go here.


  1. hi i am a old salt who spent a number of years crossing the pacifice and i spent a lot of time in the far east. i was known as a far east sailor but i have sailed all over. its great to see what is happening with trying to get some knowledge from the sea and not just look on it as a dump. thanks barney

  2. Thanks so much for doing this!!! And for your interesting posts.

    I was wondering if you are working in conjuction with the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, that also had a 2009 Pacific Gyre expedition planned?

    • We are not working directly with them. However, there are plans for us to share information and samples.

  3. Im really interested on what you guys are doing i think you should inform more to people on whats happening to the ocean and should explain to the students on what you guys are examinning they would prbebly intersted on helping too.

    -cvhs student
    nathasha medrano :)

    • Hi, Im Carleigh i love ocean ography have any ?’s ask me

  4. Hi, Im realy concerned because if yall may not be doing anything about this there is a bacteria that is spreading in are water because the plastic and all the trash and rotten food causes a harm for are water in that cash fish and animals eat the trash and the can digest it right and then they die it is not good also because they swim around it and get stuck and they cant move and get there resources they need so they also die from that and they did nothing to us so we need to do something and quic and we need to stop poluteing and be green and recycle and not dump trash in Galveston bay,and Paccific ocean.


  5. hi we all know the world is one big compost heap. some matter compost very quick other not so quick. it is how we deal with our compost. i would like very much to see more people getting into personel composting. in the long run it could prevent a lot of the alful stuff they found out in the ocean slowley composting. if it was dealt with before it got so far away for us poluting humans we would have more control. i believe the only way to deal with this is to put a cash value on plactic. a lot of money was spent on the last mission looking at the cesp pool of plastic that was studied. lets put a recycleing tax on anyone who produces products that require a expense to recycle. what i found out is if you want to get the cash to recycle a product you can only get in up front when the product is sold. as a bit of a horalculturest i am very aware of the root systen and new growth which is very useful in looking at the whole subject of recycleing systems. thanks for giving me the oppertunity to express my self til later barney

  6. […] high and dry, Miriam spent some time at sea this summer too as the principal investigator on the SEAPLEX cruise, Scripps Environmental Accumulation of Plastic Expedition (aka, Seeking the Science of the Pacific […]

  7. We appreciate the work that you do.

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